Rotary Bum 8 ounce / 225 ml Premix Measuring Bottle 4 Pak with Funnel

Rotary Bum 8 ounce / 225 ml Premix Measuring Bottle 4 Pak with Funnel

  • $13.95

Marked from 1 ounce to 8 ounces with notches for 1/2 ounce increments and marked 25ml to 225ml with notches every 25 ml.

ロータリーバム、第二世代 8オンス/225ml プレミックス計量ボトル 1オンスから8オンスまで、0.5オンスごとに目盛りを付けてあります。

This kit comes with 4 Premix Measuring Bottles, Funnel and the Storage Box.

The 8 ounce bottles are compact that you can easily fit 4 of them in your glove box or bins. Now you can ditch the Idemitsu Premix quart container into 4 of these and have an accurate ratio depending on your application, down to a half an ounce.

Bottle Dimensions: 6 1/4 in. Tall x 2 in. Wide

Bottles are made of High density polyethylene (HDPE) with temperature tolerances of -100 to 190 degrees F. Bottle is dense and firm unlike the quart container the premix comes in that is so flimsy, it can slip out of your hands. Through testing, very minimal, if any drip occurs after the cap is put back on. So no residual leakage once opened unlike the quart container.

Lids are made of polypropylene (PP) with a liner that seals and stays tight for no residual leaking, during testing, and has temperature tolerances of 0 to 240 degree F. Good for filling the bottles and storing in your brap brap during the hot summer heat.

The quality and usefulness of the Rotary Bum Premix Measuring Bottle is backed by a 1 year warranty. Although the lids have passed our tests, if they do leak after time, contact us and we'll send out a replacement cap free of charge.

DO NOT PUT GASOLINE OR ANY FUELS INTO THIS CONTAINER. TESTED and APPROVED FOR PREMIX AND MOTOR OIL'S ONLY. Other application such as motorcycles tend to add gas with premix into the container to premix it before putting into the gas tank. Do not do that with this bottle.