Modular M2000 Spaghetti Harness

  • $820.00

One of the best Adaptronic universal harnesses is now available for the Modular M2000 ECU. We leave the common wires labeled so you can install the harness on any rotary chassis you desire, such as (Ignition 12V, Chassis Grounds, Fan Control Output, Fuel Pump Control Output, Tacho, Anti Lag, Boost Solenoid). The newer harnesses include new features such as 6+ injector control, (AIC) Idle Air Control function, Fuel Pressure, Oil pressure, AUX Temp and much more. All connections are crimped and labeled to ease installation. Both a paper and digital instruction will be supplied with purchase of the harness. Send us a quick message with your harness needs and we can build you a clean harness with the correct base map to help you get your car started.