Heel Plates

  • $105.00

Save your heels & favorite pair of shoes from melting with our custom designed heel plates!

Heel riser plates are designed to raise the foot position for comfortable footwork. For example, the "heel toe" when downshift braking under racing situations. Other uses are to keep heat from transferring into your feet under long aggressive drives. They are CNC cut, bent, and dimpled for strength, and finally powder coated for durability.

1-3 week turn-around time if they are not in stock.

Contact info@streetfaction.net to confirm inventory level.


  • Our heel plates were designed to go over carpet, so it is not guaranteed to fit without carpet.
  • Our preferred method of choice is to use riv-nuts and socket head bolts, but using these riv-nuts will require a special tool to install them to the sheet metal. This is the easiest method for repeated removability.
  • Second method is using rivets, to install them you would also need a special tool. The last method would be using the nut and bolt, which is the most convenient.