FC Race Pan

  • $525.00

The B2A Aluminum FC RX7 oil pan is the most robust oil control solution for your race FC. The pan tackles several design concerns in one high quality solution.
- Thick flange aircraft grade baffle improves overall engine rigidity, and acts as a brace to the block.
- The deep sump pan increases oil capacity and is designed to fit OEM applications.
- The standard plate baffle allows air to escape the oil as it re-enters the pan.
- Internal baffling controls oil flow in road racing conditions. Trap door options are now standard!
Included in the kit:
- 1 baffled aluminum oil pan
- Mounting hardware
- 1 Magnetic drain plug
- 1 Copper crush washer
Each pan is built to order, and custom requests may be submitted via email or through social media.
Designed, manufactured, tested in the U.S.A