Billet T4 Stainless Manifold

  • $1,349.00

The Billet long runner manifold is quickly becoming an industry standard for single turbo conversions around the world with enthusiasts, tuners, drift teams, and rotary shops. These are not mass produced at all, but rather built meticulously by hand in intentionally small batches at a small shop, in Ontario Canada.

The goal was to build the ultimate manifold, full 304 stainless construction, back purged / tig welded, obnoxiously thick flanges, 0.125" thick wall primaries, and every single mating surface machined perfectly straight. Boost control and gas flow absolute top priority. Wastegate entries are tear-dropped for added entry volume and flow, allowing predictable boost control even at low boost levels. Not a single manifold has caused over-boost to date.

The highlight of the manifolds are the beefy 3D CNC ported flanges that come standard. The engine flange is 3D tapered from the exact port exit size of a 13B Rotary to our 1.625" ID primaries. The T4 flange is tapered and blended perfectly from the round primaries to the individual rectangle T4 ports and allows for one pass welding. These are the only RX7 manifolds which do not have additional material welded to the inside of the T4 flange to allow for porting. This is crucial for the longevity of a turbo manifold, and even more so in a Rotary application with the added EGT.